Mind Game Monday: Fraction Formula

Do your kids meet any of the following criteria?

  • Don't enjoy math
  • Don't understand fractions
  • Will be learning fractions during the upcoming school year
  • Are visual or tactile learners
  • Think test tubes automatically equal fun
  • Like to play games
  • Need something productive to do this summer

If so, they'll probably benefit from and find Fraction Formula pretty entertaining.

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Though the goal of this game is obviously to teach fractions and help kids understand how parts comprise a whole, it is also fun for those who are too young to grasp fractions as well as those who have a firm understanding of them.

As you can see from the picture above, the game components are attractive, and I can attest that they are sturdy.  Even without having this game in my possession, I would feel confident recommending it simply because it's an Educational Insights product.  We have several items from this brand, and they've never disappointed. 

Set up and play of the game is super simple, which is always a big positive for any game I'm considering.  It begins with each person getting a test tube and drawing a card with a fraction on it.  Whatever fraction shown indicates the colored piece of fizzy formula (the colored fraction pieces are bubbly looking) you must put into your tube.  From there, play continues with each person deciding whether or not to turn over another card and adding whatever fraction piece is shown to their tube.  The goal is to be the closest to making "one" (a whole) without going over. 

Once there is a significant portion of tube filled, it becomes a gamble about whether to keep flipping cards or decide enough is enough.  As you can imagine, this aspect of the game also teaches younger kids a little about risk, greediness, decision making, and moderation.

wildish child mind game monday fraction formula kids playing

The Boy almost made a whole with only three cards (fraction pieces).  He decided early in this round to "know when to hold 'em".  Little Mama on the other hand always pushes it to the max, so she usually busts or makes a perfect whole.

When all players have decided to stop turning over cards and adding formula pieces, the tubes are compared.  Players in first, second, and third place are awarded point cards.  After four rounds, whoever has the most points wins. 

See what I mean? Easy peasy. 

The concept is like the card game Blackjack or Twenty-One (or whatever you might call it), but Fraction Formula is obviously a bit more hands-on and educationally focused.

Besides being a fun game, Fraction Formula can also be used as an educational aid.  Included with the game instructions are tips on how to use the game pieces for teaching and demonstrating fractions.  If you think of it and use it as both a game and teaching tool, you can see it's a lot of bang for your buck (and it's not an expensive product to start with).

As the school year has come to a close for most, perhaps Fraction Formula is something to consider for your family to keep those brains working while having a fun summer break.

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