The Gang

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Let me tell you a little about these important folks and give you the aliases I'll be using for them throughout the blog (gotta retain a little privacy, ya know).

First up, there's my husband (top left with The Boy at 6 months old).  I'll refer to him as Mr.  I've known Mr. since 3rd grade and we were high school sweethearts.  He's six feet and six inches tall, dark, and handsome.  I am five feet and five inches, by the way.  I'm not saying this to merely sing his praises, but Mr. is hands-down one of the smartest people I've ever met.  He's quick-witted, a man's man type of guy, and is pretty handy to have around.  He can fix or make just about anything he puts his mind to (or at least makes a confident laden attempt).  He has an excellent work ethic and often gets so wrapped up with his job that I find myself frequently reminding him to rebalance home and work.  Even at home, you'll rarely find Mr. being idle.  He is an excellent father and our children adore him.  Does he have faults?  Sure.  We all do, but he seems to have less than the average person.  I know.  I'm a lucky gal.

Next I'll tell you about The Boy (top right at age 7 with Little Mama at 4.5).  He's my oldest child and only son.  As  far as babies go, he was the ideal first.  He was and remains quiet, observant, and cuddly.  I never had to worry about him putting non-edible or gross stuff in his mouth or trying to put things into electrical sockets or any of those other crazy and/or dangerous things babies and toddlers like to do. It was and remains easy sailing with him.  His current loves are drawing, science fiction, and building, and his favorite school subjects are spelling, math, and reading.  He has a witty sense of humor and is another Mr. in the making, I think.

They (that mysterious and all-knowing they) say that all your children will have different personalities.  In the case of The Boy and Little Mama that could not be more true.  Little Mama (bottom right at age 2 with me) is my second child and first daughter.  She is loud, dramatic, expressive, and active.  It's a good thing The Boy is so cuddly, because Little Mama doesn't have (and never has had) time to sit still for that.  This is a girl with a mission.  I mentioned that The Boy never really did anything dangerous or worrisome.  But, oh, Little Mama... She made up for it.  She was the toddler who tried to pry socket protectors off for the purpose of inserting foreign objects in.  Her only qualification about putting something into her mouth was, "Can I make this fit?"  She has no concentrated interests, as she dabbles in a little bit of everything.  Her life ambitions to this point have included being an astronaut, doctor, world explorer, veterinarian, surfer, musician, and a mother.  My husband says she is just like me.  That likeness combined with her constant mothering of her siblings is why I refer to her here as Little Mama.

Lastly, there is Tres (bottom left at one year old with Little Mama at 5.5).  She is my youngest daughter and she looks *exactly* like my husband.  I call her Tres because that's how my husband referred to her while I pregnant with her and didn't know her gender.  To put it mildly, Tres is a handful.  Referring back to what "they" say about different kids, different personalities, they got it wrong with my two girls.  Tres is Little Mama magnified by 100.  From the time I could feel her moving inside my belly until the present, she has NEVER stopped moving.  Even in her sleep, she is on the move.  She is a happy, loving baby.  She wants to say hello to, hug, smile, and wave at every person she meets.  You can imagine the delays we experience when out in public because of this.  Right now she loves all animals, especially Aggie, our Great Pyrenees, and excepting our goat, Jimmy.  She hates that goat.  Tres is the kind of kid who wants to fully experience everything about life.  I love that she's curious, but I would like her to develop that curiosity without inflicting bodily harm on herself.

So that's the gang.  In addition to these human responsibilities, I have a number of animal wards, including a dog, several chickens, and a herd of goats.  You'll see them from time to time through the blog.  As this section is already so long and we seem to be constantly adding more animals, I won't detail them all here.

Thanks for your interest in us.  I am truly honored that you find us worthy enough of your time to have read all of this!

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